Seaming 1

Stitch to Stitch Seaming

This can also be called Grafting, which is a term that also includes the Kitchner Stitch (not shown on this page). This technique is usually used for sewing shoulder seams.

Step 1: Lay the two pieces to be joined edge to edge and line up the stitches so that each stitch on the top piece corresponds to a stitch on the bottom piece.

Using a darning needle pull the yarn from the back of the bottom piece through the center of the first stitch in the row at the edge of the piece.

On the top piece, work behind the first stitch in the first row by inserting the needle into the space between the right side of the first stitch and pull the needle out from the left side of the stitch.

Return the needle to the bottom piece and reinsert into the center of the stitch (exactly where the needle came out), moving from front to back.

Pull the stitch taught, creating a new stitch bridging the two pieces.  Don’t pull to tightly, you are essentially creating a new row.

Step 2: Repeat step 1 until the two pieces are joined. I’ve used a contrasting color to demonstrate this technique, but when using the same color yarn as the pieces the seam will be virtually invisible.