An increase is a way of creating more stitches on the needle.

There are many different ways to increase – a yarn over (YO) makes a decorative increase called an eyelet.

Knitting into the float between two stitches, often called a raised bar increase, basically does the same thing as a YO. Twisting the float before knitting into it makes a more invisible increase.

The method below, which I call the Grandma Increase, makes the most invisible increase of all when worked in stockinette stitch.

Tip: When increasing evenly on both sides of a piece, as in a sleeve increase, work the increases inward from the edges of the knitting in two different rows.

An easy rule of thumb is to work increases on the right side of a piece on a RS (right side) row, and work the increases on the left side of the piece on a WS (wrong side) row.

Step 1:
(RS) Place the tip of the right hand needle into the stitch below the next stitch on the left needle (the grandma stitch)

Wrap the yarn around the right needle and pull the strand of yarn through this stitch, creating a new stitch on the right hand needle.

Knit the stitch above the increase (the mommy stitch).

This will make a right-leaning increase.

For a left leaning increase, work the mommy stitch first, then knit into the grandma stitch (this is harder to do).

To work this increase on a wrong side row, purl into the stitch below the next stitch on the needle (grandma purl).