Teaching Fees

If you’d like me to teach in your area let me know – perhaps we could work out a tour of several shops and guilds near you! (fees subject to change without notice, please email me for current information)

Teaching Fees
Fee to teach a Hands-on Technique or Project Class

  • $80/class hour up to 10 students
  • $85/class hour 10-15 students
  • $90/class hour 15-20 students
  • $100/class hour over 20 students

Lecture Fees
Fee to speak to a guild or give a presentation (no hands-on teaching)

  • $80/class hour up to 30 participants
  • $100/class hour up to 60 participants
  • $120/class hour up to 200 participants
  • $150/class hour over over 200 participants

Minimum / Maximum Class Hours

Single Day at One Venue
Within 80 Miles of St. Paul, MN

  • Minimum 3 paid hours
  • Maximum 6 teaching hours per day
    (negotiable in special circumstances)

Multi Day Workshops & Classes at One Venue
Over 80 Miles Away from St. Paul, MN

  • 3 hours minimum first & last day
  • 6 hours every subsequent day
    (instructor has the option of limiting class hours but venue should expect to hire teacher for 6 hours)

All classes & workshops over 80 miles from St. Paul, or engagements further than 30 miles requesting multi-day class sessions, require a minimum 2 day commitment unless classes are offered as part of an area tour.

Accommodation and travel costs will be divided between venues to make the trip as cost effective for each shop as possible.