Student Comments

I just wanted to say how much [your lace class] meant to me, partly because it nurtured a confidence in me that I can do lace knitting. (You should see my sample piece–it’s at least 24 inches long!)

But more important than what you taught about lace, for me, was your whole attitude of acceptance, of optimism, plus your comments about negative attitudes and their effects, both on the individual and on the group. Your clear self-confidence and self acceptance were a joy.

– DJ
(PS, I also am enjoying your book on all these levels.)

Wanted to drop you a quick line from Michigan Fiber Fest to let you know what a fabulous experience I had being a student with you for three days. Again I have to say that your style of teaching and relating to people is what I appreciated the most.

– DE

I learned so much today. You are a very wonderful and gracious teacher and I would like to take some more lessons. I appreciate your being so down to earth. You’re easy to be around.

– NB

I just started knitting a lace shawl that I tried at least a dozen times before with no success. I could not master that chart. Now I’m sailing through it after your workshops at Creative Strands!  Now I like charts! Thank you!

– MO

Our Knitting Guild met Thursday and there was a discussion of lace knitting – I shared several of your tips – everyone loved them! Thanks for a great workshop. Looking forward to more!

– BP

Just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful weekend of classes. My head is spinning with all the wonderful ideas you put in it. Just wish I could knit as fast as the ideas popping in my head. Can hardly wait to get home and try some.

When I decided to attend the festival, I decided that if I was going to drive all the way from NC I should take advantage of the opportunity and take all four of your classes – a decision that was well worth the drive. You are a fantastic teacher and I learned so much from you. Will try to catch your class when you come to Asheville in the Spring for sure!

– EL

Thanks so much for the lace knitting class this weekend. I immediately started working on a lace scarf. I made everyone within my ten foot radius look at the work I had done because I was so proud! Now that I have the basic tools I will definitely start exploring on my own. I look forward to taking another one of your classes in the city. Thanks again.

– SF

I really enjoyed learning to use wire with my needles today. Thank you again for a most enjoyable Saturday. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of your classes.

– BC

I just had to write in and let you knowing how much I am enjoying this class. I have never knit before and had little hope that I might be proficient in it so quickly, but Annie’s style of teaching is so flexible and open that she has been able to get new knitters up and running on projects that are challenging and inspiring.

Annie brings a well rounded background of knowledge and experience to this class. But I have to say that the best part about this class is that is FUN FUN FUN!! I would love to take this course again and since my friends and family are so impressed I would like to invite them to join the FUN.

– LB

I am so happy with the hat 🙂 thanks for teaching me an incredible skill.

– FI

Yours is an incredible site as a resource for beginning knitters – and experienced knitters, for that matter – who need to feel reassured that knitting “wrong” is NOT wrong – just different.

– J

I can’t wait to take whatever class you are thinking of teaching at the Montpelier, VA Fiber Festival in the fall.

– BH