Combination Knitting

This is NOT the knitting you’re used to!

Of the three main methods of knitting – Western, Eastern & Combination – the most commonly practiced is Western. But it’s not the ONLY way to knit, and for many folks it may not be the most intuitive or the best.

Learn to knit using the Combination Method – easy to learn and quick to execute. Beginner through Advanced, any student is welcome in this class. The only requirements are that you know how to form a knit and a purl stitch.

Combination knit fabric looks just like the knit fabric you’re used to, but it’s achieved through a slight difference in the method of wrapping the purl stitches.

This, in turn, compels the knitter to enter the knit stitch in a different way.

The goal of this class is not to change how you knit, but to show you a different way to knit which may allow you to better understand the grammar and architecture of your knitting.

Special techniques will be taught as skills improve.

Christened “Combination Knitting” by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts (Fall 2000 Interweave Knits magazine) this method is a combination of the Western or German/American/English style of knitting and Eastern/Islamic knitting. Easier and quicker than traditional Western knitting, this method, creates a very even tension with less “rowing out” less wrist strain. If this method is different than how you’ve been taught, give it a try and you may discover a new love of knitting blooming! If you’re a first time knitter – enjioy! You can mistress this right away!