Cheaper Than Therapy

30 Essays on joy, healing & life lessons in fiber by knitters, crocheters, teachers and students

We get through the hard bits in life in many different ways.

In this book you’ll find the work of many folks who have found in fiber the route to peace, or at least a stopping place to rest.

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Included Are

Monsters in the Merino by Gail Lucas • Knitting Yarn? by Regina Gonzalez • Sock Lessons by  Janice Farrell Pea • The Opposite of War by  Amie Glasgow • Tracy by  Amy Pezzoni • Proof of Life by  Mary Anne Mitchell • The Best Defense Is A Lot Of Yarn by  Amy Polcyn • Snowflakes & Scarves by  Kate McKiernan • Family Knitting Ties by Kate Giali • Backtracking by  Annie Modesitt • Knitting Sisterhood by  Grace Peng • I knit my way out of my shell. by  Ellen R Margulies • Knittericks by Amy Polcyn • Rough Edges by  holly christmas • Healing Circles by  Nancy Duffy • Yarn Flings and the Real Thing by  Dawn Penny • Splicing & Plying by  Minnie McKain • Cabled Lives by  Marta Kosh • Automatic Pilot by  Miriam Felton • Rebuttal by  Elizabeth Rees • Desperately Seeking Distraction by  Marie Harriman • Yarn Substitutions by  Alice H. Boxer • Wade in the Yarn by  Melissa Shaw • I Am Not Quiet by Amy Ripton • Nausea & Needles (or Never Fly Pregnant) by  Carie Morrison • I only knit for my Grandchildren by  Francine Marrs • Ode to Two Sticks and a String by Anne Marie Gunther • You Knit Like You Live by LeAnne Frank • Creator by  Evelyn Bourne-Gould • I Love Hue by Catherine Kittrell